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Artisan Family Gift Basket

Artisan Family Gift Basket


Make Christmas extra special when you provide  food items and toiletries for an Oasis Artisan or Rainey Students' family...items that we take for granted and might not even realize are luxuries in places like Nakuru.

Examples of items that will go in the basket are 
Cooking Oil, Corn Flour, Wheat Flour, Rice, Beans, Dried Peas, Soap, and Snacks for Children, plus Toothpaste, Soap, Washcloths, and other toilietries. 


  • Shipping Info

    To deduct this websites Automatic Shipping Fee, please enter code MISCHIEFMANAGED at checkout!


    Oasis Gift Baskets purchased online will be delivered directly to an Oasis Artisan. You will receive a receipt from your purchase and a certificate that can be printed or shared electronically.

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