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Doris Tote


The Doris Tote is made of lovingly hand dyed and woven sisal to turn any day into a fiesta. This fabulous Tote comes with a soft leather handle and is named after Dorris 'Mamaw' Terrell. Doris was nominated by her granddaughter, Lindsey Curley. 


Here's what Lindsey had to say about her beloved Mamaw:


'My grandmother, Doris, passed away in September 2017. Mamaw was today’s modern disciple. She was the definition of a servant. She was quiet and humble and never ever wanted recognition as she willing served her whole entire life. It’s not a question as to whether she was a Christian and loved Jesus. Because that was obvious in the way she lived her life and treated others. Mamaw loved her neighbor. She served her little mountain community her entire life. She worked and retired. She enjoyed retirement for approximately a week, and then would work or volunteer again. She did this over and over again. She poured countless hours into the Mitchell County School System, the Department of Social Services, the Brian Center, Hospice Thrift Store, MyMeds, Farm Bureau Women, the Mitchell County Food Pantry, Habitat for Humanity, and the Mitchell County Community Fund and that just names a few. She gave generously of her time to help others in need and is so deserving of having an item named in her memory!'


The Doris Tote is made by Rehoboth Women's Group, located in Nairobi. 

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