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Emily Tiny Wrap Skirt

Emily Tiny Wrap Skirt

$22.00 Regular Price
$12.00Sale Price

The Emily Tiny Wrap is a one-size-fits-all skirt that will grow with your tiny fashionista, fitting 2 year olds up to Middle Schoolers! 


The Emily Tiny Wrap is named after Emily Rainey. Emily was nominated by Irene Kins, founder of Oasis Womens Group and Rainey Sewing Class. Here's what Irene had to say about her 'sister' Emily: 


'Emily is a phenomenal woman who fights fiercely for what she believes. She sees a need and looks at ways she can connect into the need and bring hope to the hopeless. Across the oceans , and from many miles away, she heard of other phenomenal women from Africa trying to change their destiny by learning sewing skills.


She did not try to understand their goals or doubt if this idea will work. She did not travel to Africa to see for herself if this was true. What she knew is that women had come together for a common cause to upgrade their lives and say NO to abuse and she was there to support the little tiny idea...and you see what it has grown into!! Today Rainey sewing class has supported more than 20 Kenyan women in teaching them survival skills in sewing.'


As a key supporter of this program during it's creation and into the present, Rainey Sewing Class was named for Emily's family. 


The Emily Tiny Wrap Skirt is made by Rainey Sewing Class, located in Nakuru, Kenya. 

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