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Krista Leigh


These bold mixed material earrings are named after Krista Leigh Hollingsed. Krista was nominated by her friend Hannah Clayton. 


Here's what Hannah had to say about her Bestie:


'As I’ve grown I’ve found that it is very rare to meet a person in your life who can truly encompass what it means to love unconditionally. That’s because I think that unconditional love is a hard commitment to follow through with. It’s not the easy kind. It’s the kind that lasts through all the different seasons of life, the downfalls, the meltdowns, looking at the darkest parts of someone and seeing their light anyway.


Krista is extraordinary because when she loves people, she gives them that and more. She loves people the way Jesus loves people. She stands up for who and what she loves in a graceful way. She answers phone calls at 4 am and drives 3 hours each way to an airport when you don’t have a ride. She listens with an open heart. She is hilarious without ever being mean, genius but humble, sweet but strong. It sounds silly to say but I feel bad for people who don’t have a Krista in their lives. She’s the definition of  No Ordinary Woman.'


The Krista Leigh Earrigns are a collaboration of love between Oasis Women's Group in Nakuru and Rehoboth Women's Group in Nairobi.