Lee Lee Tiny Kimono

Lee Lee Tiny Kimono


The Lee Lee Tiny Kimono is quite possibly the most adorable item we've ever launched. Made of super soft cloth that feels like you're wearing a gentle spring breeze, these Tiny Kimonos come in coordinating colors with our Wendy Kimono for adults and coordinating headbands and scrunchies. 


The Lee Lee Tiny Kimono is named after Leah Mehaffey, President & Co-Founder of No Ordinary Women. Leah was nominated by her dear friend Hannah Clayton. 


Here's what Hannah had to say about Leah: 


'Leah has been someone who has believed in me maybe more than anyone else ever has. Her confidence in my potential is much larger than what I deserve but she gives me the tools I need to fulfill that potential. She gives me confidence, makes me feel strong and worthy and beautiful. Leah makes everyone she comes into contact with feel deserving of love and that’s such a rare and gorgeous quality. She exudes grace and light everywhere she goes, her passion for others is so very prevalent in all that she does. I truly believe that everyone who is touched by her will be changed a little bit for the better. She somehow balances being the cutest mother and the most loving and gracious wife along with being a fabulous friend who is attentive, present and always there to make us laugh. Her souls beauty blows me away more and more every day. Today and every day I hope she knows what an impact she has on the world!'


The Lee Lee Tiny Kimono is made by Rainey Sewing Class, located in Nakuru, Kenya.