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Lottie Tiny Crossbody Purse

Lottie Tiny Crossbody Purse


This darling purse is made of recycled sweaters and is perfect for girls to carry all their essentials (lip gloss, bugs, phones, snacks, hot wheels, you know...essentials). With a long leather strap that can be left long or tied in a cute knot, this purse will look amazing on your toddler or tween brave girl. 

The Lottie Tiny Crossbody Purse is named after Lottie Virginia 'Memom' Shinn. Memom was nominated by her granddaughter, Allie Jo Fisher-Shinn. 


Here's what Allie Jo had to say about her beloved Memom:


'Lottie Virginia is my grandmother (Memom is what we call her). She is such a vibrant and beautiful person and she is the QUEEN of hospitality. She’s so good at hospitality in fact that she moved to the mountains from Miami and opened a bed and breakfast so she could always be serving people. She opens her home to anyone that she sees, literally. She is an incredible story teller and she’ll make friends anywhere she goes. She is indeed, No Ordinary Woman.'


The Lottie Tiny Crossbody Purse is hand woven with love by Rehoboth Women's Group, located in Nairobi. 

  • Quality & Consistency

    Because all of our products are hand made primarily from recycled materials, slight variations in shape, color or size are to be expected. Paper beads and hand woven bags are each as unique as the women who make them and the ones who wear them- there are no two alike! This is the beauty of using upcycled materials and human hands to lovingly craft each bead and bag. xo