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Half or Full Month Rent for Oasis

Half or Full Month Rent for Oasis


Oasis and Rainey Class artisans work hard making quality products for NOW as well as other jobs in the community to make ends meet. Yet they struggle to pay their monthly rent on the space that gives life to everything they do. 

The Oasis House serves as the Oasis weekly meeting spot and the classroom for Rainey Sewing Class. It's where the beads are rolled, dyed and sealed, and where they become a piece of jewelry that we can wear. And even more than that, the house where all of this happens serves as a literal Safe House for women and children in the community, with as many as 3 families with 10 kids living there at any given moment. 


Provide a Half or Full Months Rent for Oasis so that every shilling they earn goes into their own hands to provide food, clothing, healthcare and more for their own families. 

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