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These substantial wire earrings with a small bead atop an intricate swirl design are named after Brittany Erspamer. Brittany was nominated by her childhood friend, Ashley Creason. 


Here's what Ashley had to say about Brittany:


"Brittany was a friend from my middle school youth group when I lived in Wisconsin, but then I moved away (this was before Facebook). We reconnected immediately when I moved to the Pacific North West in 2017. She is so inclusive and engaging and easily pulls out excitement in others. Brittany is joyful and loves bringing out the best in others. In her own words, she loves to "be a vessel for building relationships & sharing my faith, for filling my heart by teaching & leading women, and for supporting my family." She has been going through some tough times lately, but is trusting God, digging in, and standing firm. I want to remind her that she is strong, beautiful, and worthy. I want her to remember to never let fear overcome God's potential in her."


The Brittany Earrings are made by Rehoboth Women's Group, located in Nairobi.