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Stunning in its simplicity, the Ally is a delicate bracelet made of a single wire loop. This piece looks great when worn solo or stacked with multiple bracelets. The Ally is named after Ally Anderson. Ally was nominated by her Aunt Patty. 


Here's what Aunt Patty had to say about Ally: 


'Ally is a senior at ETSU. She will graduate in May with a degree in Public Health and is considering continuing her education at Seminary. Ally is going to school on a honors scholarship. She is actively involved in a student ministry there called The Well. She is a small group leader, helps with women's events and joined a team over the summer of 2016 on a missions trip to Kenya. She has also volunteered two summers at a Christian youth camp (Doe River Gorge Ministries) in TN. She teaches CPR for ETSU, mentors younger youth and college students and volunteers at a pregnancy crisis center. On top of all of this, she still makes time to be a maid of honor to her best friend in September and will again for her cousin next summer. Wow! She does do a lot. This nomination is because she loves God above all and seeks to serve Him by serving and loving others. And...she has a heart for the people of Kenya.'


The Ally is made by Oasis Women's Group, located in Nakuru, Kenya. 

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