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Kenya Partners

Established in 2006, originally as a church mission initiative, Kenya Partners became an independent charitable organization in 2009, after attaining its 501(c)(3) non-profit status. Based in Nakuru, Kenya Partners is a registered non-governmental organization and is dedicated to combating extreme poverty through sustainable educational opportunities and access to comprehensive healthcare.

Kenya Partners operates- 

The Wesley Mission Health Centre which is fully staffed with local Kenyans, and is well-equipped to provide 24/7 primary care services, including maternity, 365 days each year. 


The Betty Mavity Roberts UM Mission School, serving children in grades K-12, constructed on 10 acres of rural land outside Nakuru in the village of Lanet, housing 700+ students from all over the country.


Two pre-school centers serving children ages 3 to 5 years of age - one center is in a slum known as "Squatters Hill" and the other center, named "Mercy Kids Pre-School", is located in a rural area near the clinic.  Both centers have feeding programs for its students, and the staff at Squatters Hill also provides a nutritious lunch of rice and beans to other children in the community.


In all its programs, Kenya Partners is feeding over 1000 childen each day and helping children in orphanages.

Kenya Partners is instrumental in helping our NOW Teams when we are in Kenya, helping arrange lodging in Nakuru, Safari Tours and Lodging,  and Transportation. Our NOW Teams also visit the Boarding School for Sunday Morning Worship when we are in town, as well as a full day spent at Squatters Hill- a holy place near and dear to our hearts. 

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