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A committed change-maker and risk-taker, Ruth quit her job working in the hospitality industry and started working with communities in the informal settlements of High Ridge, a suburb West of Nairobi City. In 2015, she saw the need to link local female artisans with market opportunities locally and abroad. Locally, these women now have access to local business centres like hotels, exhibition shows and themed events through her organization. 


However, it was not always rosy! Ruth finally accomplished her long-held dream of going to University. She achieved this by working full-time as a cook, as she kept aside money for her University education. She finally graduated in 2008 with a degree in Business Management from the African Nazarene University.

Ruth’s commitment to the local cause has seen her expand her network and foster relationships with impact-related organizations. She is a member of the Federation of Women Entrepreneurs Association (FEWA), Afriwomen Connect Kenya. Most recently, her efforts saw her represent her industry at the UAE meets Kenya Trade and Investment Mission in Dubai. 

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