Don't Be Sorry

**Trigger warning: This post discusses grief and loss topics that can be challenging for some. Please be careful with yourself when you're reading.

Why do we apologize when we cry in front of someone while sharing our grief?

I noticed this recently after I suffered a great loss. My beloved dog, Bailey who was so much more than a pet. She was“my person." We did everything together. In our 12 years and 3 months together she was part of every place I served in ministry. We spent time volunteering at hospitals, nursing homes and schools educating others as a certified therapy team and making people feel better. She always knew who needed cheering up and who needed a little more doggie love on our visits. She was one of the most intuitive dogs I’ve ever met and she never missing an opportunity to make someone smile.

We were even told when going through our certification program that they’d never seen a team as bonded as we were. Bailey was one in a million and many people thought so. I saw this in the numerous notes, messages and even donations made in her memory.

She was diagnosed with Lymphoma back in January of 2018 (can I just say that dogs should NOT get cancer?!) and she fought hard. She fought phenomenally well, even. But by November, 11 months later, her body was tired. I offered her the greatest gift I could – I

let her go so she could find healing. I bid farewell to her, told her I’d see her again one day, and to save me a spot next to the trails we’d spend eternity walking together.