A Change in Seasons

I took a Sunday drive on a grey morning around Lake Conroe, to our old neighborhood in Texas and our first house.

I drove by, took a quick pic, and whispered "Thank You" to the four walls that held so much for us. My voice was quiet but my heart was loud with gratitude. I'm not talking about a gratitude that is formed from a glossed over place of nostalgia, but from a deeply fought for place of thankfulness. Working through pain by learning and relearning good and hard truths about myself, my husband, our marriage, and community all the while fumbling through learning how to adult

I sat and stared at the Lake through a few raindrops and teardrops while playing our theme song of "Why Georgia" by John Mayer. There were multiple times we'd sat in this very lakeside spot and managed to belt our cleverly crafted rendition of Why Texas. We'd blast this song with all the angst and second guessing that can happen in your early twenties and just let a little escape through the sunroof with our voices. It was my "quarter life crisis" for sure.

There's at least a hundred answers to the question of Why Texas that I now know and probably a thousand I still don't.

Today reminded me of who I was, who I am and who I am becoming.

And I love every bit of her.