Other Voices

More often than not, we only see one side of a story- one side of a mugshot, one side of a homeless sign, one side of a march, one side of taking a knee. Whether it's in the history of our communities, our country, our world, or whether it's in our actual daily lives, we sometimes miss the voices of the ones who are not telling the story we hear or controlling the narrative- the voices of those who are in the margins.

Being able to know the whole story takes work. Effort. An open mind. Curiosity. Being able to really hear the voices of the people we've never heard before requires us to listen, to sit in that uncomfortable silence where hard truths produce beautiful beautiful healing and growth.

What story do you hear from day to day?

Whose voices are loudest in your life?

Do those people look a lot like you?

Do they live a lot like you, go to the same church as you, have similar incomes and interests and family histories?