While visiting Kenya in 2017, our American sisters quickly fell in love with the children of Oasis and the Rainey Sewing Class. Oasis is a place where children are welcome and celebrated and that can be felt as soon as you arrive in their gates. NOW has offered fair wages for artisan work for many years, but even with those fair wages good schools are not within reach for many of the families of Oasis.


With the help of NOW sisters, their families, their friends, and churches NOW hopes to advance the lives of the children of Oasis. School scholarships are a great way to change a life, help a mom, and connect globally with our brothers & sisters. NOW Sponsorships are available for children 5 and up.

Each sponsorship is unique and is tailored to a specific child.


There is no one size fits all education or program for the children of Oasis. Sponsorships begin at $400 per year ($33 per month) and usually tap out at around $1000 per year ($83 per month).


These sponsorships include tuition, uniform, shoes, educational fees, materials, meals, boarding (when needed), transportation and more!


Once you are paired with a child you will receive a way to connect with the child, updates from their parents periodically, and the ability to send treats by way of our bi-yearly team trips to Kenya.

Our goal is to have every oasis school-age child in a facility that fosters healthy development, educational opportunity, and nourishment.


100% of your money goes to the child, their education, supplies, and currency exchange fees. This program is run by a volunteer staff of one. Make your money count: sponsor a child by yourself, with a family member, with a friend, or encourage your church to sponsor a child.

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Jeff, Erik & Sammy

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