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We've grown so much, expanding in ways that we only hoped we would in our 10 year plan, including things like

  • Taking Teams of women and girls to Kenya to partner with our Artisans

  • Designer Trips to plan 18 months ahead for products

  • Developing a new partnership with another artisan group (Rehoboth, located in Nairobi)

  • Expanding products from necklaces only to include earrings, bracelets, skirts, bags, shoes, and more

  • A Water Filter program aimed at providing clean water to all of our Artisans and their families

  • A Scholarship program for Artisans children, to alleviate financial burdens from school fees

  • Our Springtime Women's Retreat, known as The Kinfolk Collective

  • Relaunching a new Website


The truth of this growing work is that while it is big and audacious and small and magical, it also takes incredibly hard work, lots of amazing supporters, and increasing amounts of money. The more we grow, the more our budget grows, and what a beautiful gift that is!! 

Here's the challenge- as a non profit, everything we make from sales or events goes right back into inventory or the event expenses. This means that all of our administrative costs to run all of these programs has to come from somewhere, and that's where we need help. 

The immediate goal of this Patreon site is to help us reach a level of sustainability within No Ordinary Women, so that we can operate debt-free. The long-term goals are to get to a place where we can provide a consistent salary for the leaders of our two Sister Companies in Kenya, and for Leah Mehaffey, Co-Founder & President of NOW. These 3 women work full time for this cause, making little to no income, and we'd love to see that change in the future. 

Please check out our Partnership Tiers & Subscription Box options  at the "learn more" button below so that we can spend our time and energy on this beautiful work instead of constant fundraising and financial stress. 

Asante Sana! 

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